Google Planning To Open AI Center in Accra, Ghana by the end of 2018

Bullingan Team

Bullingan Team

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Reading Time: 2 minutes


AI is certainly to this day remains one of the most fascinating domains in new technologies. It is also one of the most lucrative.

AI holds the promise of fundamentally changing the way our society works and already , AI has been slowly cropping up in many aspects of our lives.

Already there are AI programs that can win at jeopardy,  debate, trade stocks ,call to make appointments or recognise faces (badly).

In time the power and versatility of AI means that it is bound to be incorporated in jobs we thought would always remain exclusively carried out by humans such as Law, translation and even consultancy.

AI is the future and, as such, Google is hoping to become a major player in the field. Google has announced it will establish an AI research center in Accra, Ghana by the end of the year 2018. The AI research center will contribute to the growth of the computer science research community in Africa and bring together top machine learning researchers and engineers who will carry out research on AI and its possible applications to solving African problems in fields such as education, healthcare, agriculture and business.



The research center will be ‘committed to collaborating with local universities and research centers, as well as working with policy makers on the potential uses of AI in Africa,’ according to Google.

Africa with its strong demographic potential, and growing middle class represents an attractive future market for technological companies. Tech giants have taken note and have been flocking to Africa, investing heavily on the continent in the hopes of  reaping the dividends when its markets mature and more and more of its people gain access to the internet.

Facebook has launched a community hub and training hub in Nigeria . Though it has abandoned its Aquila program, which sought to grant internet access to millions thanks to solar powered internet delivering aircrafts, Facebook  has partnered with a local telecommunication company in Uganda to install 500 miles of fibre optic cable to improve internet access.

Microsoft has launched a $75 million for Africa initiative and hopes to open data centers in Johannesburg , and Cape Town by the end of 2018.

Google for its part has recently launched its Loon balloons in Kenya. The loon balloons are high altitude balloons that will enable millions of underserved communities to have internet access.

Google has built a number of research centers around the world.  Centers that will feed unique data and insights useful in product development and the refinement of new AI technologies.


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